Wednesday, January 16th, 2019

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For over 67 years there has been one industry trade association consistently dedicated to representing furnishings and design professionals; one organization in which members are part of not only a domestic and international focus, but are integral components of 15 regional chapters that address challenges and enhance their opportunities.

The International Furnishings and Design Association is the unique and innovative association of continuity and creativity that brings together the complementary professionals in the furnishing and design industries; and, by doing so, has set and sustains the gold standard in this dynamic marketplace. With changes in buying and selling patterns, imports from overseas, and the rise in competition virtually everywhere, networking, education and professional development have never been more important.


IFDA is proud to present our NEW mission statement:

Inspiring collaboration within the Furnishings and Design Industries to support its people, their products and services.



Our Arizona Chapter of the IFDA is strongly dedicated to a few key themes that you’ll find when you attend our events or participate on a committee. Check out our upcoming events and join our newsletter mailing list.

Here are just a few:

  • Buy Local: We have regular chapter meetings at our local Sponsor’s establishments where we learn how they got started, what’s important to them and how to support them.
  • Close-Knit: It is very important to our group to get to know each and every one of it’s members. You’ll never be lost in the crowd.
  • Open: Because we are an all industry networking group, we have a less restrictive mind set all around. You are just as qualified to be a member as anyone else.
  • Supportive: Have an issue with a vendor or client that you’re not sure how to address? Maybe you need a resource to complete a project. Well we’re here to help with our years and years of combined experience.
  • Charitable: Each year we select a local charity that needs our help and we volunteer our services to make their environment better overall. It’s usually the favorite event of many of our members.

For More Information on the IFDA Arizona Chapter 

We always need volunteers, if you want to get more involved, please email us now.