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Is Pinterest Right For Your Design Business?

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Guest post by Charlene Kingston, business coach at Social Media DIY Workshop, and VP of Social Media, IFDA-AZ.

Pinterest is a great social media tool for most design businesses.Pinterest is the social media tool getting a lot of attention these days. Many people are jumping into Pinterest without understanding how it works or how it can help your business.

Over the few months, I’ve conducted three free webinars on Pinterest to teach our chapter members and partners how to harness the power and popularity of Pinterest for your design business. I’m going to continue to offer these webinars in the future because I believe that Pinterest can really help you grow your design business.

Here’s the basics you need to know about Pinterest and some ideas for how to incorporate it into your design business.

What Is Pinterest

Pinterest boards created by West Elm.Like many social media tools, Pinterest is hard to explain. It’s a little bit like a mood board where you pull together samples and inspiration for a project. It’s also a little bit like the front of your fridge where you stick important things you know you will need later.

Pinterest is a visual bookmarking tool that allows you to collect pictures you find online and from other Pinterest users. You add pictures to boards that you organize by topic. You can use any categories that make sense to you. Some people organize by color, others by room, others by technique or material, and still others by style. In other words, there are no rules.

The process of adding a picture is called pinning. Each picture is called a pin.

How People Use Pinterest

An example pin from the website of IFDA-AZ partner, Pentimento Lighting.People pin a wide range of things on Pinterest, but mostly, people pin things they would like to have or do. Pinterest is where they go to do practical planning or just dream about the future. For example:

  • Someone planning a wedding might have boards for rings, dresses, bridesmaid dresses, reception table ideas, and honeymoon destinations.
  • Someone dreaming of a kitchen remodel might have a board for cabinet ideas, islands, lighting, backsplash tiles, and appliances.
  • Someone dreaming of a backyard remodel might have a board for flowers, trees, patio surfaces, fire pits, paving choices, hot tubs, and furniture.

But Pinterest is about more than just collecting pictures.

Each picture, or pin, also has a link back to the website or blog where it came from. This mean that anyone using Pinterest can click on any photo to travel directly to the website or blog where the picture came from. That means that when people pin pictures from your website or blog, Pinterest drives traffic back to you!

Pinterest and Your Business

Here’s where Pinterest gets useful for your business.

You can pin photos from your own website and blog to a Pinterest board where you highlight your own work. Anyone who sees your pictures can repin them, meaning that they copy your pictures to their own boards. Now, even more people can see your photos, and if they want to learn more, they can click on them to visit your website or blog.

Another way you can use Pinterest is to create idea boards for your clients and potential clients. It’s great when your clients show up with torn magazine pages so they can show you what they want. Why not use Pinterest to collect pictures for them? Send new clients to your Pinterest boards to get inspired by the beautiful photographs you have collected from other Pinterest users and your own research online.

Pinterest is more than just hype. It can be a practical tool to help you highlight your work and inspire your clients. It can also drive traffic to your website and blog, and might even land you a new client.

So what are you waiting for? Give Pinterest a test drive  today.

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