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Take A Seat was a success!

October 26, 2014 by  

After doing years of our highly successful fund raising event, “Tableau”, Arizona was excited to participate with chapters across the country to be part of a much bigger event that helps even more people, Take A Seat. Our first annual Gala Auction was held on October 11, 2014 at The Legacy Gallery in Scottsdale, AZ.

The 2014 Take A Seat charity theme is “Helping Heroes at Home.” We chose Military Assistance Mission as our charity because MAM represents one of the core values that is so important to our members- making a difference in our local community. Another key factor in our selection process was that they have a really low overhead with 88% of donations actually helping those in need. They operate very lean, so they can give more- just like us!

Margy Bons has been helping our troops since she lost her oldest son, Michael in Iraq on May 7, 2005. Her passion to help those who fight for our freedom can not be measured. “We are all one big family and until that service member can get home, we have to step up to the plate to support those that are left behind. Please help us by supporting Military Assistance Mission so that we can help those Arizona families.”- Margy Bons.

Our Emcee for the evening was- Nicole Crites, morning anchor on KPHO CBS5. Award winning and Emmy nominated for her breaking news and feature reports. Nicole was the perfect choice as she also actively serves on the board for our beneficiary, Military Assistance Mission. Supporting Arizona and her community are of utmost importance as she is a Tucson native and mother of two.

Fund raising efforts and auction bidding were conducted by Josh Levine of J.Levine Auction and Appraisal. You’ve likely seen Mr. Levine on any number of Arizona’s morning shows as he is very active in the community, whether he’s promoting a new collection or donating his time to a worthy cause. J. Levine Auction’s facility is one of the largest, under-roof auction houses in the Southwest, spanning over 16,000 square feet and specializes in estate, fine art and collectible items.Mr. Levine’s experience in refinishing, refurbishing and appraising fine art and furniture make him a perfect choice for our event. Not to mention his wit and charm!

Thank you to everyone for your participation in and support of the 2014 IFDA Take a Seat exhibition.  We are happy to tell you that we are able to donate ­­­­­­$13,500 to Military Assistance Mission from the IFDA Arizona exhibition.   For our first TAS event, we consider this a tremendous success!

The New York, Philadelphia, Washington, Florida and Northern California chapters also raised thousands of dollars to support the Helping Heroes at Home initiative.  Our industry is all about home and living environments and you stepped up to help those who have already given so much.  Thank you!

The special talents that everyone brought to this project were amazing and are documented in our online media.  We hope you’ll enjoy seeing the entries from the other chapters on the Take a Seat Facebook page and the Take a Seat website.  Clearly, everyone had a unique vision!



 1_LauraLevenberg_TheBuffaloCollection_BacklessBeauty_2014  1_LauraLevenberg_TheBuffaloCollection_BacklessBeauty_2014_2
 3_DeniseMilano_CoCoMilanos_George_2014  3_DeniseMilano_CoCoMilanos_George_2014_2
 4_MarkErwin_Pacific MfgCo_Unwavering_2014  4_MarkErwin_Pacific MfgCo_Unwavering_2014_2
 5_MarianneMulhall_DesignSurfacesLLC_DistractedBySomethingSparkly_2014  5_MarianneMulhall_DesignSurfacesLLC_DistractedBySomethingSparkly_2014_2
 6_LeannFernald_Ornamentation_BlazingSaddles_2014  6_LeannFernald_Ornamentation_BlazingSaddles_2014_2
 7_JonathanDanielson_Pearson&Co_TheTwistedSecratary_2014  7_JonathanDanielson_Pearson&Co_TheTwistedSecratary_2014_2
 8_EstherBoivin_EstherBoivinInteriors_SoulMate_2014  8_EstherBoivin_EstherBoivinInteriors_SoulMate_2014_2
 9_KarenWirrig_KarenColeDesigns_ThePerfectPerch_2014  9_KarenWirrig_KarenColeDesigns_ThePerfectPerch_2014_2
 10_JanHerwick_HerworksInteriorDesign_CowgirlDreams  10_JanHerwick_HerworksInteriorDesign_CowgirlDreams_2
 11_PaulaTocker_H&RFabrics_Corsetta_2014  11_PaulaTocker_H&RFabrics_Corsetta_2014_2
 12_LauraMahoney_GirlFriday_WHOOOOOOOOsSittingInMyChair_2014  12_LauraMahoney_GirlFriday_WHOOOOOOOOsSittingInMyChair_2014_2
 13_LuanneBeardmore_SaveMeCasaSaveSuCasa_2014  13_LuanneBeardmore_SaveMeCasaSaveSuCasa_2014_2
 14_JackieFunkhouser_ForTheirHonour_2014  14_JackieFunkhouser_ForTheirHonour_2014_2
 15_KarenMandarino_BellaMoreInteriorDesign_TimeTravelWithAView_2014  15_KarenMandarino_BellaMoreInteriorDesign_TimeTravelWithAView_2014_2
 16_ChrisWest_LMWDesigns_MyManRay_2014  16_ChrisWest_LMWDesigns_MyManRay_2014_2
 17_LeslieColvin_RoomForAView_WildThing!IThinkILoveYou!_2014  17_LeslieColvin_RoomForAView_WildThing!IThinkILoveYou!_2014_2
 18_AdrienneHart_Modascapes_Ya'Herd!_2014  18_AdrienneHart_Modascapes_Ya'Herd!_2014_2
 19_AmberStyle_AmberStyleEnvironment_BohemianLounger_2014  19_AmberStyle_AmberStyleEnvironment_BohemianLounger_2014_2
 20_VickySmith_TodaysInteriors_ThereandBackAgain-AHobbitsChair_2014  20_VickySmith_TodaysInteriors_ThereandBackAgain-AHobbitsChair_2014_2
 21_GinaMathis_InteriorGemsLLC_LittleBuckaroo_2014  21_GinaMathis_InteriorGemsLLC_LittleBuckaroo_2014_2
 22_KarenEgan_KarleeEnterprises_ThroughTheEyesOfAChild_2014  22_KarenEgan_KarleeEnterprises_ThroughTheEyesOfAChild_2014_2
 23_AnitaBoetsma_HelserBrothers_LostInSleepyHollow_2014  23_AnitaBoetsma_HelserBrothers_LostInSleepyHollow_2014_2
 25_GaryHart_Procuratio360LLC_TheOverseer_2014  25_GaryHart_Procuratio360LLC_TheOverseer_2014_2
 26_KristenManning_ClosetFactory_TwistedTimber_2014  26_KristenManning_ClosetFactory_TwistedTimber_2014_2
 27_TraciGoure_FabulousRahabs_BetterTogether_2014  27_TraciGoure_FabulousRahabs_BetterTogether_2014_2
 28_KoriMoses_DuraleeFabrics_GirlsOnAMission_2014  28_KoriMoses_DuraleeFabrics_GirlsOnAMission_2014_2



IFDA Gala-1 IFDA Gala-2
 IFDA Gala-3  IFDA Gala-4
 IFDA Gala-5  IFDA Gala-6
 IFDA Gala-7  IFDA Gala-12
 IFDA Gala-9  IFDA Gala-10
 IFDA Gala-65  IFDA Gala-66
 IFDA Gala-13  IFDA Gala-14
 IFDA Gala-17
 IFDA Gala-16
 IFDA Gala-28 IFDA Gala-29
 IFDA Gala-19  IFDA Gala-21
 IFDA Gala-22  IFDA Gala-23
 IFDA Gala-24  IFDA Gala-25
 IFDA Gala-149 IFDA Gala-150
 IFDA Gala-33
 IFDA Gala-32
 IFDA Gala-41
 IFDA Gala-38
 IFDA Gala-39  IFDA Gala-40
 IFDA Gala-54
 IFDA Gala-44
 IFDA Gala-55
 IFDA Gala-60
 IFDA Gala-64
 IFDA Gala-62
 IFDA Gala-67  IFDA Gala-68
 IFDA Gala-69  IFDA Gala-72
 IFDA Gala-73  IFDA Gala-74
 IFDA Gala-75  IFDA Gala-76
 IFDA Gala-77  IFDA Gala-78
 IFDA Gala-80  IFDA Gala-81
 IFDA Gala-82  IFDA Gala-83
 IFDA Gala-84  IFDA Gala-85
 IFDA Gala-86  IFDA Gala-87
 IFDA Gala-88  IFDA Gala-89
 IFDA Gala-92
 IFDA Gala-91
 IFDA Gala-94  IFDA Gala-95
 IFDA Gala-96  IFDA Gala-97
 IFDA Gala-103
 IFDA Gala-101
 IFDA Gala-105
 IFDA Gala-102
 IFDA Gala-106  IFDA Gala-107
 IFDA Gala-108  IFDA Gala-109
 IFDA Gala-111
 IFDA Gala-115
 IFDA Gala-116  IFDA Gala-118
 IFDA Gala-121  IFDA Gala-122
 IFDA Gala-124
 IFDA Gala-126
 IFDA Gala-130
 IFDA Gala-132
IFDA Gala-133 IFDA Gala-136
IFDA Gala-137 IFDA Gala-139
IFDA Gala-143 IFDA Gala-147
IFDA Gala-145 IFDA Gala-146
IFDA Gala-151
IFDA Gala-35 IFDA Gala-36
IFDA Gala-37 IFDA Gala-42
IFDA Gala-45 IFDA Gala-46
IFDA Gala-47 IFDA Gala-48
IFDA Gala-49 IFDA Gala-50
IFDA Gala-51 IFDA Gala-52
IFDA Gala-53 IFDA Gala-43
IFDA Gala-59 IFDA Gala-56
IFDA Gala-57 IFDA Gala-58
IFDA Gala-63 IFDA Gala-61
IFDA Gala-11 IFDA Gala-8
IFDA Gala-71 IFDA Gala-70
IFDA Gala-90 IFDA Gala-98
IFDA Gala-93 IFDA Gala-99
IFDA Gala-100 IFDA Gala-104
IFDA Gala-112 IFDA Gala-110
IFDA Gala-119 IFDA Gala-120
IFDA Gala-123 IFDA Gala-125
IFDA Gala-127 IFDA Gala-128 (1)
IFDA Gala-129 IFDA Gala-131
IFDA Gala-135 IFDA Gala-134
IFDA Gala-138 IFDA Gala-140
IFDA Gala-141 IFDA Gala-142
 IFDA Gala-144  IFDA Gala-148
IFDA Gala-15 IFDA Gala-18
IFDA Gala-26 IFDA Gala-27
IFDA Gala-30 IFDA Gala-34
IFDA Group-2 IFDA Group-3
IFDA Group-4 IFDA Group-5
IFDA Group-6 IFDA Group-7
IFDA Group-8 IFDA Group-9
IFDA Group-10 IFDA Group-11
IFDA Group-12 IFDA Group-13
IFDA Group-14 IFDA Group-15
IFDA Group-16 IFDA Group-17
IFDA Group-18 IFDA Group-19
IFDA Group-20 IFDA Group-21
IFDA Group-22 IFDA Group-23
IFDA Group-24 IFDA Group-25
IFDA Group-26 IFDA Group-27
IFDA Group-28 IFDA Group-29
IFDA Group-30 IFDA Group-31
IFDA Group-32 IFDA Group-33
IFDA Group-34 IFDA Group-35
IFDA Group-36 IFDA Group-37
IFDA Group-38 IFDA Group-39
IFDA Group-40 IFDA Group-41
IFDA Group-42 IFDA Group-1



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