Monday, February 18th, 2019

Membership Passport Program

The Arizona Chapter of the IFDA is proud to introduce our new Passport Program.   We value your participation in all aspects of our networking and membership opportunities and want you to further reap the rewards of being an active member of our organization.

Earn points within the Passport program by attending events, joining a committee, and sharing IFDA-AZ posts on social media just to name a few activities.  The more you enjoy the benefits of being an IFDA member, the more points you will earn in our rewards program.  Points may be applied to several reward options, and you may even earn free membership for next year by recruiting members to join IFDA.

IFDA Passport.inddFrequent Flyer Rewards

IFDA Membership Dues Paid for Next Year

(25,000 points ~ $350 value)

Admission Ticket to Take A Seat Fundraiser

(3,000 points ~ $75 value)

Ticket to Re-June-venation Event

(2,000 points ~ $50 value)

Personalized IFDA Name Tag

(1,500 points ~ $50 value)

IFDA Coffee Mug

(500 points ~ $5 value)

First Class Activities

  • Recruit a paid professional IFDA Member

Your Frequent Flyer Reward before May 31 = 12,000 points

Your Frequent Flyer Reward from June 1 – September 1 = 7,500 points

Your name must appear on their application under “Referred by and IFDA Member” and the IFDA-AZ Chapter President or Treasurer must validate your entry with their initials.

Business Class Activities

  • Join the IFDA Board of Directors
  • Chair an IFDA Committee
  • Enter your chair in Take A Seat
  • Upgrade a member to a Chapter Sponsor
  • Win an IFDA Scholarship or Grant

Your Frequent Flyer Reward = 200 points

Coach Class Activities

  • Apply for an IFDA Scholarship or Grant
  • Complete your profile on the IFDA-AZ website
  • Join an IFDA Committee
  • Attend an IFDA Event
  • Bring a guest to an IFDA Event

Your Frequent Flyer Reward = 100 points

Cargo Class Activities

  • Like our Facebook page
  • Comment or Like Something on our Facebook Page
  • Shore one of our Facebook posts
  • Tweet about IFDA or Take A Seat on Twitter
  • Attend industry events hosted by other organizations

Your Frequent Flyer Reward = 25 points

A minimum of 22,500 points must be accrued in the First Class Activities category to qualify for the free membership reward for the next calendar year. Points may only accrue annually per calendar year.

 Membership Passports are available for pick up at all chapter events or you can make arrangements with the VP of Membership.